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Management Guides

These guides are based on the Minimum Effective Management approach and will give you an overview of some of the key skills and tools a manager needs in order to be effective.

The easy way to do the hard job

DoThings takes the hassle out of managing people

management dashboard

Collective Goals

Ensures everyone always knows what they’re trying to achieve, and gives managers a clear view of how each goal is progressing. DoThings gathers weekly updates from goal representatives and allows all Projects to be aligned to specific goals.

No Pointless Meetings

Matches tasks to be carried out to people with the skills needed to perform them. The DoThings dashboard shows who is unavailable, who isn’t working, and the task estimate trends that let you identify who might need your support.

Group Recognition

Provides everyone with relevant and useful performance feedback from the people they actually work with. Work centric feedback is gathered from everyone involved in completed projects, freeing everyone from ineffectual performance reviews.

Do Less. Achieve more.

DoThings management software makes managing your team easier, and gives you the space to focus on the human aspects of the role.

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