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Minimum Effective Management

We want to help you have the most impact with the least effort. There are a huge range of skills we're told we need as managers, but sometimes trying to be good at everything distracts us from doing the basics. These guides share our light-touch approach to the key areas of team management, helping you be an effective manager with the minimum of effort.

Make management easier with DoThings

Smart managers don't just use traditional management tools, they also take advantage of technology so they can focus their energy on things that have the biggest impact. DoThings is a complete team management solution that makes tracking goals, managing performance and assigning work quicker and easier.

team management dashboard

Keep aligned to company goals

DoThings lets you align all work to Objectives and Key Results, which ensures everyone knows what they're trying to achieve, without out you having to assign goals to each individual. You get complete visibility of how goals are progressing, and can easily see what's being done to get them achieved.

Stay organised and up to date

DoThings matches work to the best people to carry it out, based on the skills required for the work, and the skills the people have. It then automatically gathers status updates and alerts you to any potential issues, all through a central dashboard, and all without meetings or ceremonies.

Evaluate real-world performance

Whether you're sticking with traditional performance reviews or not, DoThings gives you all the information you need to fairly assess your people. Feedback is gathered as each project is completed, and we provide a complete overview of the goals each person has contribute to.

Do Less. Achieve more.

DoThings is a complete team management solution to help make management easier, giving you the space to focus on the human aspects of the role.

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