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OKR Management with DoThings

Make sure everyone is aligned to company goals with the OKR framework. DoThings lets you connect all your work to relevant goals and ensures the transparency necessary to make them successful.

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Make the work all about the goals

Align all your projects to specific OKRs, ensuring everyone always knows why they’re doing the things they’re doing. Give all your team complete clarity on company purpose and vision. Provide visibility of what your goals are, how they’re progressing, and what needs to be done to achieve them.

Effortless transparency

With status updates automatically gathered each week, you’ll always have up to date information. No need to chase for information, or waste time in status update meetings.

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Identify at risk objectives

Follow any OKR through your personal dashboard, and easily identify if a goal is at risk of not being achieved.

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Evaluate Performance

Easily track success or failure of each of your goals, and see the work that was carried out to achieve each OKR through easy to digest dashboards.

Unlock the power of OKRs for your team

See why so many teams are switching to DoThings to deliver their OKRs