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Performance Management with DoThings

Performance reviews are time consuming, demotivating and ineffective. DoThings offers a simple way to make them quicker, fairer and more likely to have a positive impact.

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Not just the manager's view

With a traditional performance review, the manager is solely responsible for evaluating staff. With DoThings, feedback is continually collected from everyone they've actually worked with, creating a fairer, more accurate picture of how they've performed.

Understand contribution to goals

DoThings lets you see all the goals that someone has contributed to, whether that goal was assigned directly to them or not, giving you a comprehensive overview of their contribution to the company results.

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Easily identify your high and low performers

Feedback is gathered after each completed project, and displayed on an easy to understand dashboard. You'll have a clear, up to date and relevant view of how each team member is working with others, and will be able to address performance issues dynamically, not just in set review meetings.

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Complete Performance Overview

Whether you’re using DoThings to replace Performance Reviews, or to support them, the team member overview page gives you all the information you need to understand the true contribution to your team and the company goals.

Simplify your performance management

See why so many teams are switching to DoThings to simplify or replace their performance reviews