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Project Management with DoThings

DoThings allows you to create projects, assign tasks, and share information across multiple departments and teams, all in one place.

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The right skills for the right work

Find the best people for specific tasks by matching the skills required to the specific skills people have. Empower team members to have a say in the work they do. See at a glance what everyone is working on.

Always stay up to date

With status updates that are automatically gathered, you’ll always be up to date. No need to chase for information, or waste time in standups or status update meetings.

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Identify tasks that are off track

Keep track of the things that matter to you. Quickly identify the Projects or Tasks may need your attention.

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Evaluate Performance

Get a complete overview of each team member’s contribution and performance. Continually gather 360 degree feedback, helping the entire team learn and improve.

Make work, work

See why so many teams are switching to DoThings for their team management.