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A modern alternative to scrum

When Scrum was created, the cloud didn't exist. Today, making everyone attend pre-planned ceremonies is not the best way to stay organised. DoThings provides a modern replacement to the rigid ceremonies and unnecessary story pointing prescribed by scrum.

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No need for group planning sessions

When you need something done, DoThings will connect you to the people who have the right skills to do it. It will dynamically form teams of people working on connected tasks, ensuring people are only involved in conversations they need to be in.

No need for daily stand-ups

With status updates that are automatically gathered, you’ll always be up to date. No need to chase for information, or have people stand around listening to things that don't concern them.

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Plan in real-time, based on the real world

There's no need to plan based on arbitrary story points that don't convey anything about the real world. DoThings gathers new estimates every day, giving you the clearest picture of when things will likely be delivered.

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No need for Retrospectives

DoThings gathers and shares feedback from everyone involved in a piece of work the moment it's completed, so you don't have to waste time in ceremonies that rarely make any difference to behaviour.

Ship software faster with DoThings

See why so many teams are switching to DoThings as an alternative to scrum.