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Make being a manager easier

Software that makes managing people simpler, quicker and more effective.

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Software dashboard showing the current situation at work

Collective Goals

Ensures everyone always knows what they’re trying to achieve, and gives managers a clear view of how each goal is progressing. DoThings gathers weekly updates from goal representatives and allows all Projects to be aligned to specific goals.

No Pointless Meetings

Matches tasks to be carried out to people with the skills needed to perform them. The DoThings dashboard shows who is unavailable, who isn’t working, and the task estimate trends that let you identify who might need your support.

Group Recognition

Provides everyone with relevant and useful performance feedback from the people they actually work with. Work centric feedback is gathered from everyone involved in completed projects, freeing everyone from ineffectual performance reviews.

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The Easy Way to do a Hard Job

Whether you’re leading a department, a project, or an entire company, DoThings makes work easier, better and more rewarding.

Keep everyone aligned to company goals

  • Goal representatives keep everyone informed
  • Projects connected to goals prevent conflicting incentives
  • Key Results show how the metrics that drive performance are changing

All the information you need - gathered automatically

  • Weekly updates from Goal representatives
  • Daily task delivery estimates
  • Feedback for each completed project

Catch potential problems

Whether it's people with no tasks, tasks with no owners, performance that needs to improve, skills you have a shortage of, goals that are at risk, or people that aren’t happy – DoThings will catch it all so you can focus your attention on them and get things back on track.

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Make work, work

Managing people can be much easier. Switch to DoThings today.