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Complete team management software

DoThings simplifies your goal setting, task assigment, and performance management, making it easier to be a great manager.

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team management dashboard

Keep aligned to company goals

Align all work to Objectives and Key Results to ensure everyone knows how to make the company successful. Effortlessly set, track, and evaluate your OKRs. Provide visibility of what they are, how they’re progressing, and what needs to be done to achieve them.

Stay organised and up to date

Create projects, assign work, and keep on top of progress through automatic check-ins. Find the right people for tasks based on their skills and availability. Easily identify when work is off-track without stand-ups, meetings or ceremonies.

Evaluate real-world performance

Simplify and improve performance management with 360 degree feedback gathered continually as work is completed. Review performance against objectives and see a summary of the work a team member has done.

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Make more time for the real work

Whether you’re leading a department, a project, or an entire company, teams managed with DoThings are more focused, perform better, and have fewer meetings.

Keep everyone aligned to company goals

  • Align all projects to specific OKRs
  • Get a clear picture of at risk goals
  • Keep track of what’s being done to get your goals achieved

Have fewer meetings

  • Eliminate daily stand-ups and update meetings
  • Automated check-ins gather all the information you need
  • OKR progress updates
  • Task delivery estimates
  • 360 degree feedback

Measure Performance Effortlessly

  • Comprehensive performance data for each team member
  • Track KPIs for the business or team
  • Get a clear picture of how time is being spent
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Make work, work

See why so many teams are switching to DoThings to simplify their team management