DoThings | Goals & Objectives
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Set, Track and Achieve your Goals.

Our Goal Setting and Performance Appraisal software gives you total visibility of company, department & individual goals.

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Achieve Total Performance Visibility

Get total visibility of how goals are progressing and the confidence of them being achieved. Automated confidence check-ins for blocker reporting ensure potential issues are surfaced and can be dealt with before they derail your success, not after.

Assign Company, Department & Individual Goals

Supports any and all objective frameworks. Use cascading SMART objectives, OKRs, or create your own framework entirely. Assign goals to teams, individuals, or groups, and create company wide goals that everyone contributes to.

Create Individually Tailored Development Plans

Provide managers with a dynamic library of recommended learning interventions that can be applied to address specific developmental areas they've identified. Create your own interventions or choose from the library we provide.

Coming Soon

We're working hard to get this product ready so we can help you make work easier, better and more rewarding.