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Find, Engage & Develop Your In-House Talent

Talent Mapper from DoThings allows you to identify your strengths & weaknesses, helping you ensure you have the right people, in the right roles, at the right time.

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Effortless Assessment Gathering & Tracking

Escape from muddled spreadsheets and tiresome admin. Our software allows you to effortlessly gather assessments from anyone anywhere in the business, track progress, issue reminders, and ensure every employee is being seen.

Powerful Reporting & Visualization

Visualize Assessment Data however you choose. View as an Org Chart, Table, Scatter Chart or Performance Grid. Filter the data to include only the employees and information you want to see at any given time, and export that data whenever you need it.

Individually Tailored Development Plans

Provide managers with a dynamic library of specific recommended learning interventions that can be taken to address specific developmental areas they've observed. Create your own interventions or choose from the library we provide.

Gather all assessment data through a single easy to use interface.
Identify individual and team strengths, visualised across the entire org chart.
Identify the people best suited to each specific role in the business.
Find the strongest management talent at all levels of the organisation.
Identify the individuals who need to move up, across, or out of the business.
Choose the data you gather and display it however you want.
Centrally request and track assessments from all managers in the business.
Centrally request and track assessments from all managers in the business.
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Adapts to the way you work

Work with any Talent Assessment Framework you want, configured to meet your unique needs. Whether it's 9-box, 4-box, or something else entirely, we can support it. And if you don't have a framework already, we can provide one for you.

Employees are programatically assigned to segments based on their observed behaviours and skills, helping to rule out bias and allowing you to segment in as many ways as you want. You don't have to choose between frameworks; you can benefit from all of them at once.

Employee Insights At a Glance

Easily view employee strengths and weaknesses through our intuitive employee dashboards. Assess employees against custom skills and behaviours, or use the library provided.

Group assessment criteria however you choose so you can get an instant overview of the information that matters to you, and create assessment scopes to deliver individually tailored assessments based on the role each employee performs.

radial chart showing overall strengthsradial chart showing overall strengths
radial chart showing overall strengths

Shape Your Future

Guide managers in creating tailored action plans for each employee with recommended actions based on their observations.

Ensure everyone in the business is receiving the support and development they need to reach their potential.

Get Ahead of Problems

Prevent regrettable staff losses by identifying the people you're at risk of losing and having a clear understanding of the impact their loss would have.

Monitor assigned successors and easily identify gaps, so you can feel confident in your succession planning knowing that your key roles are covered.

radial chart showing overall strengthsradial chart showing overall strengths

What Our Customers Say


"For Hachette Australia and New Zealand, Talent Mapper is a game changer. I found mapping people’s strengths against our four pillar behaviours really interesting and the technology itself very easy to use – so intuitive!  The link to traini..."


"Using Talent Mapper was fascinating. It made me think harder than I ever have before about my colleagues - a number of whom I’ve worked with for many years - and what they deliver. For such an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, it delivers rea..."


"All the managers in my team have found Talent Mapper extremely intuitive to use. It gathers a lot of complex information both easily and fast, and the output is presented in a way that is very visually clear – enabling us to see the strengt..."

Hassle-free Setup

We'll setup your workspace & import all your employee data

We'll configure your Talent Framework (or provide one if you need it)

We'll integrate with your current systems

We'll import your previous assessment data